Haruka Gracia

Haruka Gracia

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|- ! colspan="2" style="background-color:#3366CC; color:#ffffff;" | Vital statistics |- | Gender | Male |- | Seiyuu | Hiro Shimono |- | Debut | Episode 1 |} The main protagonist Dan JD  is a young boy who loves basketball but despises BFB due to an accident that crippled his sister. His attempts to demoralize the sport ended up making it more popular when he invaded an official BFB game and awed the crowd with a highly skilled demonstration under his alias, "Dunk Mask", on his own Big Foot which he named Dangan. As a result of the widespread destruction, he is imprisoned for a year and charged with a massive debt, numbering 5.3 billion Rollings (the local currency). This event, as well as Dan himself, has since then gained the status of a legend, and inspired the sport Big Foot Streetball. His dream is to make enough money to pay for his debts and send his sister to the moon to treat her paralyzed legs. He has developed a strong rivalry with Iceman, as an opponent and as an ally. Near the end of the OCB tournament Dan realizes Rouge's feelings for him, after she played against him without reinforcement medication, in an attempt to keep her play honest, which resulted in her losing consciousness in the middle of the game. As she left for the moon, he made a promise to eventually travel to the moon himself, asking her to wait for him, hinting that he may have developed feelings for her. Dan is able to throw a "thunderbolt ball", a basketball that shines with a 'radiant light that traced a shape of the heavens creation'. For this, he is believed to be the Legend, the one destined to save Earthdash and Mooneyes. At the end of the series, it is revealed that he is not the Legend; everyone who is a 'basquasher' (a term for Basquash players that he coined) is a part of the Legend. Using their combined skills and their own 'thunderbolt balls', the 'basquashers' reactivate the ultimate in Mooneyes, by throwing a 'final dunk', bumping Mooneyes back into orbit, effectively saving Earthdash and Mooneyes, as they were previously in a collision course with each other. In the aftermath, all that is seen of Dan is him about to play basketball with Iceman, affirming that he will continue to play, and that he has not lost any passion in basketball, and possibly Basquash, either.


Miyuki AyukawaEdit

Miyuki is Dan's team member of "Bigfoot". She can fix Dan's bigfoot for the games. She is a skilled mechanic and an endowed teenager. 

  • In the first episode, she was little and was moving away. She said,"Do you like me dan. He said," I guess so." " I like you to Dan" " I reciprocate love you dan," 
  • Although he said "I guess so", later on you would see that his heart belongs to the girl from band Eclipse, Rouge, same goes for her, she fell in love with him, though at first she was just pretending to lure Dan into the trap, after he took care of her when she got hit by Iceman's "Destroy", she started liking him, which later developed in real love.

Haruka Gracia Edit

In the fourth episode, Haruka Gracia tickles Dan's foot.